IPN is a strategic, systems-focused, design, development, and funding firm that produces revenue-generating projects for our municipality and county clients. Built upon our six-value actions, our Invested Public Funding™ system:

Engages and empowers the imaginations of your citizens, businesses, and organizations.
Extends current capital resources, and activates short-, mid-, and long-term productive value
Builds projects scaled to people, place, and systems
Lowers your cost of capital, generates revenues, and offers new public/private partnership options
Circulates increasing amounts of capital directly through the community, activating citizen investment portfolios designed around layers of returns
Deploys data and knowledge to city, citizen, business, and organizational participants


We work with municipalities, counties, and organizations to:

  • Build and Invested Public Funding™ strategy to implement your projects

  • Co-design, develop, and deliver projects designed to diversify and strengthen community revenue-streams

We also work with diverse teams that either want to utilize their project strategies married to IPN™ technologies or to help implement our project strategies and technologies to further the building of the Invested Public™.





Applying Knowledge

We write original content, plus post links and PDFs to articles that:

  • Focus on our relational ties to the structures that underpin our cultures and economies

  • Explore how we move forward into creating our next generation of thriving communities

  • Educate and question how we should be developing public goods

  • Dive into the systems that we need to be investing in to generate the communities of tomorrow

Content Written By Our Team For Our Clients

"Generating and Invested Public Funding™ System"

"Rethinking Infrastructure Development Within a Creative, Distributive Strategy"

"Generating Circulating Histories"

"An Urban Ecologist's Take on Building An Invested Public™"

Writers That Are Interested In People, Places, and Systems

"Footloose or Stuck in Place", by Brett Theodos

"Being a 'citizen' in a Smart City", by Paolo Cardullo and Rob Kitchin



Co-founder/CEO/Senior Interpreter

Synthesizer and application of information across systems

Chief Operational and Data Officer

Features, data aggregation, and deployment synergist

Co-founder/Senior Interpreter

Urban ecologist, architect, people, places, systems expert

Chief Technology Officer

Full stack systems alignment



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